About Us


About us

MoodfoodCaters was launched with the passion for serving healthy food and with the urge of sustainability in the food culture in the local community. Food nutrition, the taste and the sustainability do not have to be compromised. MFC thrives to bring the best practice of food making by avoiding food waste on maximum level. Also, for the corporate clients and large groups, it offers consulting on sustainable food making. 

We offer delicious and waste-free meals to our diners which helps them to eat with social responsibility and big smile on the face. You can order food for yourself, for your family & friends or for your team or any small/large events

Our story 

MoodFoodCaters Co-Founder and CEO Sanjida comes along with her long-time dream on doing something good for the society. As she grew her 2 school-going daughters, over the years, she realized that the importance of nature friendly, nutritious food has the biggest impact on mental and physical growth for every individual. Sanjida started to scan what are the raw and ready-made meal options out there. She was disappointed and could not help herself started to do something about that. 

Sanjida, a master’s in economics holder, started her career as a student councilor and a part-time teacher, already during her early20s. For her, starting a new mission after all these years as entrepreneur was not easy. Her vision, supports from her family and friends and most importantly the burning need of feeding good food to the people, drove her passion on creating MoodFoodCaters. Today she is serving her neighborhoods, households, kinder gardens and some small offices. But the dream of MoodFoodCaters is big. MFC like grow the business significantly in the coming years and create an eco-system where all the meal will be served with highest taste and lowest emissions and waste.