Refund Policy

Please carefully read the terms and conditions set out below before ordering any food or services from this website. Because if you do so you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2.1 You will be eligible for refund only if the cancellation of your order has been done in compliance with the clause 1.1 above, i.e. cancellation has been done before the restaurant accepted the order.

2.2 Pre-paid orders: If your order cancellation is successful, you will be issued with 

Payment Method                                                               Refund Option                                                               Refund Time

Mobile Payment (bKash/Nagad)                               Mobile Payment (bKash/Nagad)                             4-6 Working Days

Online Payment (Card/Online Transaction)        Online Payment (Card/Online Transaction)                 5-10 Working Days

a full refund. The estimated time of refund will depend on the payment method you have chosen when you placed your order. Please see the below table to find out the refund timeline for different payment method.

2.3 However, in case you are unable to cancel your order before acceptance by MFC or you reject to take delivery of the order or delivery was not possible due to circumstances as mentioned in clause no. 1.4.3, 1.4.4, 1.4.5 and 1.4.6 no refund will be issued to you and your paid amount will be forfeited.

2.4 Cash on delivery Orders: If your order cancellation is successful, MFC will not deliver the order to you. Hence, you will not need to make any payment. However, in case you are unable to cancel the order before acceptance by MFC and you reject to take the delivery of the order it will impact your success rate as a customer in our platform. In the event, your success rate drops below than 90%, cash-on-delivery method will be omitted from your payment methods.

2.5 In the event the food/product received by your do not match your Order please contact MFC through 01720525702. Please do keep all evidential record, including documents, photograph etc. showing the mismatch of the food/products and your Order and send the same to