Return Policy

Please carefully read the terms and conditions set out below before ordering any food or services from this website. Because if you do so you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Cancellation Policy

1.1 Please contact Moodfoodcaters immediately through our contact no 01720525702 by phone and quote your order number, if you decide to cancel your order. However, please note that you can only cancel an order if MFC has not yet accepted your order. The eligibility of your order cancellation is provided in the below table:

MFC is yet to accept your order  can be cancelled

MFC has already accepted your order cannot be cancelled

1.2 You can assess whether your order has been accepted by the restaurant by calling MFC.

1.3 No delivery will be made after cancellation.

1.4 MFC reserves the sole right to cancel any order in the following circumstances:

1.4.1 if all of your ordered item is not available or cannot be prepared by MFC at any given time.

1.4.2 if any one of your items is not available or cannot be prepared by the MFC at any given time. In this case, MFC  will call you to determine whether you want to proceed with the partial order.

1.4.3 if your designated delivery address falls outside the delivery radius of MFC.

1.4.4 if your designated delivery address and the address selected GPS location in the order does not match.

1.4.5 if our rider/delivery personnel fails to contact you even after all reasonable attempt through mobile (3 attempts) and/or at our door step.

1.4.6 if you provide wrong information or inadequate information for delivery of the order.

1.4.7 if you repeatedly misbehave with our delivery personnel.

1.4.8 if we detect any fraudulent and/or illegal use of the MFC platform from your side.

1.5 In case of excessive delay in delivery of the order by MFC, the customer can contact MFC at 01720525702 and furher course of action will be decided between HungryNaki and customer as per their mutual understanding.